Premium Quality begins with Process Control

Manufacturing Process

Torque-Tech manufacturing competence involves a large number of our own patents and constant refinements undertaken on our products ensure a maximum performance standard.

The manufacturing management is extremely important for the quality products. Torque-Tech focuses not only Process Control、Assembly Service, but also Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management.

Especially, the production of consistent products contain from continuous process operation. It includes tube extrusion、grainding、milling、lathing、drilling、groving、heat-treament、polishing、sand blasting、electro-plating、laser、assembly、calibration、packaging to final quality inspeciton.

We truly believe premium quality is carrying out optimum material properties, ergonomic perfection as well as maximum safety and long life cycles. The torque tools we have make it possible for us to provide quality tools adapted to your various fields of applications. Should that not be sufficient in a particular instance, then we will construct a customized tool to solve your technical difficulty.

  • Forging
    1.1Dimension: length, thickness
    1.4Caliper inspection
    1.5Visual inspection
  • 02CNC Milling
    2.4Gauge/ Caliper inspection
  • 03CNC Lathing
    3.2Outward dimension of ratchet head
    3.3Distance of central to end point
    3.4Ball end point
    3.5Gauge/ Caliper inspection
  • 04Drilling
    4.2Gauge/ round bar inspection
  • 05Groving
    5.2Gauge inspection
  • Forging
    06Heat treatment
    6.2Hardness Tester
  • 07Polishing
    7.1Polish fineness
    7.3Visual inspection
  • 08Vibration
    8.1Polish by vibration
    8.2Remove burrs, rust
    8.3Visual inspectio8
  • 09Sand blasting
    9.1Surface appearance tolerance
    9.2Visual inspection
  • 10Plating
    10.1Surface appearance tolerance
    10.2Visual inspection
  • Forging
    11.1According to confirmed drawing
    11.2Visual inspection
  • 12Assembly
    12.1According to assembly SOP
    12.2Manual Inspection
    12.3Visual inspection
  • 13Calibration
    13.1The contrastive test of Norbar and our Calibration machine
    13.2Computer-control automatically
    13.3Trace up to TAF ILAC Laboratory
  • 14Packing
    14.1According to customized package sheet
    14.2Visual Inspection
  • 15Inspection
    15.1According to MIL-STD-105E Level II-AQL4.0
    15.2Capability Report