Product Name : 1500NM Torque Wrench
  • Industrial application.
  • Wide range of choice.
  • Tolerance of torque ±3%.
  • Easy torque-adjusting design.
  • Quick release design.
  • Applied to both clockwise and counterclockwise directions.
  • Quality meets DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.300-2010.
Product Introduction
  1. Ratchet head: A highly robust ratchet mechanism for CW and CCW directions application. Quick released design for changing socket quickly. Repair kit for inner spare parts of ratchet head is available.
  2. Reliable mechanism: The robust and resistant fully chromed steel tube is ideal of industrial use. An audible and palpable signal indicates automatically when the desire torque value is achieved.
  3. Serial number: Each piece stamping serial number for traceability.
  4. Scales: Easy read laser scales is flexible for multi units and double scales for different market need.
  5. Micrometer scales: Very precise adjustment by visible micrometer laser scales on handle ensure optimal and simplified readings while operation.The micrometer scales for precision adjustment is in integral values, for user easily take round figure while operation.
  6. Lock ring: Easy torque adjustment by press down the Lock-ring, brings energy saving and automatically lock device to avoid accidentally altering setting.
  7. Extension bar: It is necessary to connect the extension bar while operation. The easy lock design, to insert extension bar until locking position.
TT NO.Square driveTeethNmGraduationL(mm)gcase/CTN
TW-869-3D 1” 24T 300~1500 10 1850 10600 1
TT NO.Square driveTeethft~lbGraduationL(mm)gcase/CTN
TW-869-3E 1” 24T 200~1000 5.0 1850 10600 1
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