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Torque Multiplier 3000NM/ 4500NM

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  • With high ratio gearbox 26:1, multiplication accuracy better than ±5%.
  • High ratios offer a idea to replace long lever arms and heavy wrenches.
  • Supplied with 2 different reaction bar.
  • Robust construction with no maintenance necessary and long lifetime use.


01 Input end:
Chromium-molybdenum alloy steel brings better strength and life cycle.
02 Safety device:
Anti-backlash mechanism for safety concern and comfortable operation
03 Main body:
Electroplating Finished; good for anti-corrosion and anti-abrasion.
Planetary gear mechanism, double planetary-gear-carriers brings high load capacity with high ratio 26:1.
04 Angle protractor:
For easy torque setting and angle tightening
05 Output end:
chromium-molybdenum alloy steel brings better strength and life cycle.
06 Reaction arm:
Two alternative reaction bars can be applied to different working environment.

Application & Others:


TT NO. Nm ft-lb Ratio Input Square Output Square g case/CTN
TW-428-01 3000 2200 15.5:1 1/2" 1" 11500 1
TW-428-02 4500 3300 26:1 1/2" 1" 13000 1
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