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Interchangeable Alu. Torque Wrench

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  • Industrial application with durability.
  • Applying to standard insert tools (Ø16 & Ø22 spigot end).
  • Positive button design which enable to remove the inserts head easily.
  • Lightweight yet robust; housing is made of aluminium alloy.
  • Multi-lever mechanism brings length independence and accurate torque.
  • Loud click sound and strong impulse when torque value reached.
  • Tolerance of torque ±3%.
  • Quality meets DIN ISO 6789 & ASME B107.300-2010.


01 Spigot Driver:
Chromium - molybdenum alloy steel brings better strength, toughness, stability and life cycle.
Applying to standard insert tools (Ø16 & Ø22 spigot end) and the push design to remove the inserts easily.
02 Multi-lever mechanism:
Integrated 3-lever chain mechanism brings length independence, greater sensitivity, high accuracy and a long-life cycle. For the main body, we use the high intensity aluminum alloy. The weight of Aluminum is extremely lighter than steel , good for long -time operation and heavy industry. Chrome-plating finish strengthens the material hardness & anti-collision.
03 Scales:
Dual-scales window of torque measurement (N.m. & Ft-lb).
04 Handle:
Nice-to-hold handgrip enables safe work and less operator fatigue.
05 Energy saving torque-adjusting design:
Quick pull out and easy adjustment with unique crank. It is suitable for heavy, aerospace industry, wind power industry and automation industries.

Application & Others:

Specifications: Metric

TT NO. mm Nm lbf.ft Graduation L(mm) g case/CTN
TW-654-1F Ø16 25~120 20~90 5 500 1150 12
TW-654-2F Ø16 80~400 60~300 5 650 1550 12
TW-666-3F Ø22 140~620 100~450 10 860 2900 12
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